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I Entered this Pattern in Spoonflower's Challenge with Pantone

I have been exploring my take on Ikat (Ee-cot) designs when creating surface pattern designs and of course it all starts with a stamp. This design is in a series of mine called Ikat Botanicals and this is the Emerald color way. The design I had been working on, but the color came from the Spoonflower Challenge with Pantone calling to use their Ultra-Steady color palette. One which is tried and true according to their history.

I think I'm kinda in love with this pattern as wallpaper and seriously, in THIS bathroom? I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I think it will also be a lovely fabric design. I will be sharing that as well in the future.

You can vote for my design here and I would really appreciate it.

Voting ends Tuesday May 9, 3 pm EDT

This design will be available very soon.

Here is the palette by the way.

I hope you get a chance to vote and be sure to check out my YouTube channel here.

Because my next video will be about this whole design process and how I took this stamp and made it into this pattern, along with all kinds of other designs I came up with in this collection.

Simply put, I'm just getting started.

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