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How to Create Color Swatches with 3 Different Techniques Using Hand Carved Stamps

Hello Creative Friends, on my Blog today I'm sharing with you a fun series I created over on my YouTube channel. And it's all about color swatching.

So back in the Fall when I started making these swatch stamps I was a little bit consumed with them because just the idea of using these little motifs for swatching opened up a tremendous amount of ideas for me and I knew had to share them with you. Prior to making the stamps that I share in this post, I had created other swatch stamps - I carved a paint can, a clipboard, a paint tube, a basic square/rectangle, and a t-shirt. I then had an idea to carve an easel because I thought it would be kind of cool to have a little easel that would have color swatches, but then I got this idea to make all kinds of things of different scenarios with this easel stamp! I landed on using the easels to hold art because then you can have fun and experiment making a lot of little tiny pieces of art.

I'm going to share with you the 3 different types of art you can make using these hand carved stamps and I'll also share the link to each video so you can get more ideas, details, and art supply info.

In the first video of the series, Swatching Colors Using Hand Carved Stamps - Episode One, I created mini works of art using botanical and plant stamps over Marvy Brush Markers.

In the second video, Color Swatching with My Easel Stamp | Abstract Watercolor - Episode Two I made mini abstract watercolor pieces of art using Dr. PH Martin's Radiant Concentrated Watercolors and I have to say stamping these was so fun, satisfying, and surprisingly relaxing.

And in the third and last video of the series, Creating Miniature Abstract Watercolor Landscapes using Hand-Carved Stamps – Episode 3, I painted mini abstract watercolor landscapes using TWO different techniques, one is using the Dr. PH Martin's Radiant Concentrated Watercolors again - can you tell I just love them? 😍 and the second is using Memento Dew Drop Ink Pads. Making miniature landscapes on these little hand-carved stamps shaped like easels is such a fun way to get creative and the process can be very relaxing and meditative which I’m finding is something I’m really pulled towards lately.

These projects are perfect if you want to play with your hand-carved stamps, stamp pads, watercolors, and inks without having to give it much thought or planning. And since these mini works of art are abstract, there’s no wrong (or right) way of doing them! Which I feel is the same for color swatching in general. Give this project a try and fill up a page in your art journal or sketchbook and use the slow pace of the videos in the series to enjoy the process of creative play as I did. You will be glad you tried and might even find you’re inspired to create bigger abstract landscapes once you’re done.

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